by Viscera///

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"Viscera/// is very strong and quickly progressing experimental post-metal/post-grind band coming from Cremona, Italy. Viscera/// started as a pure grind band and transformated through experimental grindcore sound to powerful post-metal madness. Heavily influenced by late Carcass & Nasum and such well-known artcore/post-metal bands like Isis, Pelican, Neurosis and some others, Viscera/// made their own solid and spinecrushing sound which united their blasting grindcore roots with drone experiments and slow, low-tuned heaviness of extreme post-metal and sludge."


released December 21, 2007

label: SoulFlesh Collector

mikeB. - vox+gtr+synth
g.c. - bass
kom - gtr
lix - drums

[big]mario - vox, track#3
daddyB. - gtr, track#5
herr morbid - vox, track#5

recorded, mixed engineered by Daniele Mandelli
Elfo Studio (Tavernago, PC, ITALY)
july, august, september 2007

cover art by mikeB. at Hypershape

all produced by VISCERA/// (©2007). all songs by VISCERA///. all lyrics by mikeB.



all rights reserved


Viscera/// Cremona, Italy

Viscera/// is a psychedelic post-metal trio based in northern Italy.
Established in 2000, the band has been experiencing the combination among the darkest sides of many underground genres like grindcore, black/death metal, ambient, drone and of course psychedelic music. ... more


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Track Name: Focus: The First Eye
I found ecstasy in isolation,
in total lack of communication.
Nothing can hurt me if I don't exist.
What's born to consume is useless.
All I create is precious.
Please don't judge me as a megalomaniac.

Time erased unnecessary rests
and let me focus on naked things.
What's born on your side is rotten.
All around me is clear.
Now it's time to judge and realize that
the world dislikes it when you speak the truth.
Track Name: Keep On Bluesing Through The Stars
Another moon in the mirror, shapeless vision of us.
Could we ever be sincere at once?
Another stab in the head, but I don't give up.
This is the only reason left for me.

I've got no choice, sorry, I've really got no choice.
I hope you can barely yell my name
and give me away a perfect life.

I'm not addicted to despair but I like its smell.
I'm not addicted to failure, but you taste like it.

How did it feel when I was in you?
We used to stick like a tattoo.
And though you don't care anyway.
I'll keep on bluesing through the stars.

Say to me that I'm wrong again.
Call me morbid, but I'm sure that inside there's gold and it's all for us.
Track Name: Iris Overburden
As one we were invisible,
pale shadows behind the sun.
Your majesty read impossible ways beneath the crust.
I'll never felt so high, never again.
Descent's been hard but good to expose who am I.
But who am I? But who the fuck am I?
Maybe the son of what I did and paid to lose my dignity.
Mind flew above it. Something inside was laughing,
I can't remember anymore.
Desert grows into her lies
always trying to satisfy
a skinny rush of sensibility.
The fitful distance between our eyes
sounds just like a compromise.
I've never been so fascinated by this before.
Overburden, unexplainable iris I only own,
and something will occur in spite of everyone.
By now I'll pretend to be lonely, then all things I see will be ok.
Frankly it's quite stupid because things you don't see
will never be alright.
Track Name: Few Years To Live
Some kind of pill's gonna pick us up
('cause) a brand new skin embellishes the scum.
All sorts of trick will be taken but
wherever we cling they'll always find us
crouched around a fake masterplan.
You neither know the real amends,
as positivity becomes a bet
and all what they offer brings more than
a simple way die (X3), not for me but for each other.
Brother, you have no chance with me.
Stay away from these few years to live.
Coward, you're still confusing me
(so) why don't you go and have fun with someone else?
'cause everything that I built as defence
has gone and left me under
debris of post-humanity,
modern in all it uses to be.
Brother, I admit that you succeed
in spreading the cult of conformity,
(but) remember you have no chance with me. No.
Why don't you show them my mistakes?
Yes, they complain but the wrong way,
soldiers like you in every move.
Crouched around a fake masterplan. Gone.
Still crouched and passive, from here to eternity.
Brother, you have no chance with me.
Back-off from these few years to live.
Coward, you are not confusing me.
Stay away from me and my years to bleed.
Brother, I hate you more than all,
I know you kill so then do it!
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
Don't you show the whole of your mistakes?
This time it's up to you and it will be stronger than suffocating.
Track Name: White Flies Might Rule The Earth
One day, one far day.
One day, and this is all I can swear.
Track Name: Titan
It's all just in the air now.
All in the air.