2: As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the I

by Viscera///

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Have you ever tried to scale your worth? Because I did. Huge estimation mistake before the eyes. Then closed the door, practicing ego-dissolution Meeting Id quo maius cogitari nequit.
A ghost is getting wiser Those days took lucid visions And I'm not that sure I can rest pure and safe until you're alive. You were right there by my side while I washed gold away from me. Here calls the mid tale, The one about the sneakiest of wills I'd never really claimed to be confessed. Revive it again. Revive the same old wonders When no way they will shine as they did once. So sorry but it's time to settle. Time to fill the self. Centuries into seconds distract from the concrete. why me and why now? Where were you when senses and cogitation took control? And how dare you expect to understand? Here rises the wretched winner He's been waiting a whole lifetime To accomplish that all hope is worthless. Here comes the weakest of men He'll lie in the cleanest of lands Smiling, buried under tons of reckonings.
Um ad-Dunia 11:16
Um, here begging you again. Nobody wants believe in the Relationship between Concepts of truth and magnitude. They don't deserve to share Secrets and thoughts we only use To contemplate through spires Rolling inside and freezing the soul. They froze my soul. The throne is emptied of its king He will lead himself no more. Sometimes I've been deeply scared by him But lately he's been shown for what really is. I plead you mother, if you're still with me To give me the cold for the coup grace. Um, How long are we supposed to Secure a being with no more shine Or anything close to a value? Just for a while, you promised so. But here I am standing still. You don't grow old but I consume Myself in searching, each day, A thrill which diverts From asking you, [Imploring you,] Persuading not to let me be.
Weird silence. Skin is warning that the prediction is being made for good, Six or more billion clouds ascend and turn invisible. An ice cold laughing greets the intangible ones. Never I could think it was that beautiful. Dunia listened to the end 'cause She adores the weakest of her sons although he went too far with volitions and a lonely, conscious ego drift. Some said that the richest men in the world Are those who have nothing left to lose. Some say there's a richest man in the world, One who will rid of something, of someone...No. Anima mundi. Showed your glory You're the tangible aspect of my ethical. I offer my spirit But please I implore you to keep it away From billions coming up. Billions feeling like CO2.


"Since its inception in 2000, Viscera/// strayed quite a bit from the grind paths they were threading. What started out as a straightforward brutalcore band meandered into an experimental quartet.
With the introduction of psychedelic sounds, postcore bits and ambient/drone pieces it's quite easy to brand this outfit as the next "post"-band. But there's more that meets the eye:
The band never completely let go of their roots, balancing brutal grindcore with delicate post metal influences. This results in a truly unique sound that can shift from fragile to frenzy in a heartbeat.
With this latest effort, 2 - As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the I, these Italians produced their most ambitious and mature offering to this day which makes it the most complex yet accessible listening experience Viscera/// ever offered. "


released October 31, 2010

label: ConSouling Sounds (CD), Frohike Records (Vinyl)

mikeB. - vox+gtr+synth
g.c. - bass
m. - gtr
lix - drums

recorded, mixed engineered by Daniele Mandelli
Elfo Studio (Tavernago, PC, ITALY)
may, june 2010
mastered by Mika Jussila at FinnVox (Helsinki, FINLAND)

cover art by Nicola Domaneschi

all produced by VISCERA/// (©2010).
all songs by VISCERA///.
all lyrics by mikeB.


all rights reserved



Viscera/// Cremona, Italy

Viscera/// is a psychedelic post-metal four piece based in northern Italy, est. 2000.
The band is considered as a unique combination of the darkest sides of many underground genres like grindcore, black/death metal, ambient, drone and of course psychedelic music. ... more


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